WiWU S5B Super Stable 3-axis Selfie stick

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Established in 2011, WiWU is a mobile electronics accessories brand which is driven by design and innovation. WiWU production base and warehouse is located in Humen town,Dongguan city which is near to HongKong. There are 5000 square meters, 300 employees which include 20 designers and technical engineers. Our factory is ISO9001:2014 certificated and BSICI be audited.

WiWU S5B Super Stable 3-axis Selfie stick

1. 3 axis anti-shake, anti blurred photo or video
2. Horizontal and vertical shooting easy to convert
3. Face tracking, improve shooting efficiency
4. Long-lasting power for 12hrs, the gimbal is a power bank for smart phone
5. Time-lapse photography, Shorten long videos, such as plant growth, clouds floating, and weather changes
6. Panoramic shooting
7. Accurately adjust the zoom, adjust the virtual reality of the picture time-lapse shooting
8. Image optimization

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