wiwu capacitor pen how to use it, how about it, how is the effect good, how to change the pen tip

Wiwu has a variety of capacitive pens

The current hot models include P339 and pencilX, etc.

Among them, 339 supports Android, Apple, Microsoft systems, which are general-purpose capacitor pens.

pencil x is a dedicated capacitive pen for Apple iPad series, which is not supported by Android and Microsoft systems.

The main difference is. The 339 supports a wide range, but it is slightly worse in many software and use effects.

pencil x only supports iPad models after 2018. But he has good system compatibility with IOS. The software use effect is much better than 339.

Nib replacement is very simple. Different models are generally a bit different. But most of them just pull out the nib directly. Replace it with a new one and use it! !

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