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Established in 2011, WiWU is a mobile electronics accessories brand which is driven by design and innovation. WiWU production base and warehouse is located in Humen town,Dongguan city which is near to HongKong. There are 5000 square meters, 300 employees which include 20 designers and technical engineers. Our factory is ISO9001:2014 certificated and BSICI be audited.

Capacitive pen, as the name implies, is the touch pen for capacitive screen. It replaces the finger to contact the screen directly. It is mainly used in electronic equipment such as capacitive screen mobile phone, tablet computer, touch notebook, etc.
The capacitive pen has brought great convenience to people’s work and life, and with the progress of science and technology, the current capacitive pen is no longer just a simple alternative to the finger control function, such as note taking, painting creation, art design, etc. are inseparable from the capacitive pen. Moreover, the capacitance pen can also prevent scratches, fingerprints and greasy dirt, which is cleaner and more flexible than using fingers.
At present, there are two kinds of capacitive pens on the market: active and passive. The active capacitive touch pen is a circuit board that can absorb and change the current. It operates by changing the current through contact with the screen. Therefore, the tip of the pen does not need to be too thick to cause reaction, and the accuracy in the use process is higher. The passive capacitive pen imitates the touch effect of fingers, so the tip is thicker. In terms of performance, the active capacitor pen is better than the passive one, but the price is much more expensive than the passive one.
If you have high requirements for the accuracy of the capacitor pen, it is recommended to choose the active capacitor pen. If you just use it casually, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy active capacitor pens. You can choose passive capacitor pens. After all, they are cheap and can meet the needs of ordinary users.
Speaking of the capacitive pen, apple pencil is the most popular one at present, but its price is also painful for many people, especially the main user of the capacitive pen, the student party, is full of malice, and for ordinary people, they will not spend nearly 1000 yuan to buy a pen at will.
So, before we choose the capacitor pen, we must think about a clear question, what is the purpose? According to their own needs to determine whether they need high-end capacitor pen like applepencil.
(1) It is used for drawing, making electronic hand account and taking notes at any time.
Apple pencil’s as like as two peas and a real pen and paper pen almost feel the same touch and sensitivity. It’s especially suitable for painting, electronic hand accounts and portable office, because the core of these three scenes is actually “comfort”. In this case, it is recommended to choose a capacitor pen like apple pencil, because it is irreplaceable, and this kind of people do not lack this money.
(2) It is used for preparing for the examination, taking the postgraduate entrance examination, and making questions.
I think the demand for pencil in this part of the scenario can be met by ordinary capacitive pen, so it is unnecessary to purchase pencil. If your need is just to use a pen to do questions and sketches on the PDF e-book, I think a 30 piece ordinary capacitive pen can achieve it, but it may sacrifice a little bit of comfort, because to prevent accidental touch, it is necessary to raise your hand slightly and stay away from the screen with an ordinary pen. But if you don’t just have to do the problem, you have to take notes through software like goodnote. It’s suggested to choose a capacitor pen of about 200 meters. The difference between this pen and apple pencil is that there is no touch. There is not much difference in other aspects,
Wiwu gemas is a relatively early brand of capacitor pen in China, as well as the periphery of the tablet, etc., which is relatively complete. IQs generation III capacitor pen is the latest product at present. It has the same material as apple pencil, silicone tip and tilt induction. It has improved the anti touch, delay and accuracy. It is excellent in the affordable capacitor pen.